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Why choose North County Chinese School?

San Diego North County Chinese School was founded in 1979. We are one of the Nation's top Chinese schools. With more than 500 students as our focus, your child's Chinese education is the sole mission of our organization!

Welcome to San Diego Chinese Cultural Association (SDCCA) and North County Chinese School (NCCS)

Our mission is to educate overseas Chinese children and interested Americans in the language and culture of China. We provide all kinds of classes for both adults and youth in order to accommodate the wide student body.

NCCS was founded in 1979 at a garage in San Diego. A small group of parents volunteered to be teachers and administrative staff. Today, parents are still the strong base of our volunteers. We are strived to provide excellent program to teach our students to be a lifelong learner and lover of Chinese language and culture. NCCS provides Pre-K, K-12 and adult classes. NCCS also provides world language credit classes, AP Chinese and Post AP class for high school students.



北郡中文學校從1979年,由十數個家庭在車庫開班授課以來,已逾三十年。當年家長們自任教學和行政工作, 目前家長們所擔任的義工仍舊是我們學校的主力。為孩子們提供學習中文和認識中華文化的環境,正是我們存在和努力的目標。北郡所開的班級有學前班、K-12 和成人班。另外還有高中生的學分班、AP 中文和Post AP 班(考過AP Test的高中生繼續學習中文)。

Latest News 重要事項

AP中文班說明會 AP Chinese Info Meeting
日期 Date: 4/22/17 (Sat)
時間 Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm
地點 Location: 702教室(AP 中文班) AP classroom #702 (Black Mountain Middle School)

AP 中文班入學考試 請點此處
AP Chinese Placement Test Please click HERE for information

Please register the test in advance, no registration on the test day.

青少年暑期書法班 Youth Calligraphy Class (免費 free of charge)

Class limit: 10 (限十名)
* 6/10, 6/17, 6/24, 7/1 and 7/8 (5 sessions) 10:00am – 12:00pm
* Students from last year have priority to enroll.
* Students who won the writing competition are welcome.
* 10 years or older.
* Bring your own tools or purchase at the center (自備筆墨紙或文化中心購買)
Online Registration

中國館作文比賽 Essay Contest

中國館作文比賽已開始報名,收件及截止日期為4/10 (以郵戳為憑),比賽辦法及報名表,請點此處

The Essay Contest sponsored by the House of China started accepting applications. The deadline is 4/10. Please download HERE

第二學期家長大會 / 2ne Semester PTA Meeting

家長會報告 / PTA Report
學校報告 / School Report
學分班訊息 / Credit Class Info
暑期班訊息 / Summer Session Info

獎學金申請 Scholarship Application

1. 本屆畢業生的Cenzone Tech新種科技公司獎學金即日起接受申請,申請書請點此處
2 . 在校生長期學習獎學金即日起接受申請,申請書請點此處

獎學金即日起接受申請,並於填妥後交回辦公室。申請截止日 3/25 5:00 PM。將於5/20結業典禮中頒獎。相關問題請聯絡 JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

1. Graduates scholarship application form please click HERE
2. Long-Term Study Chinese Scholarship form please click HERE

Application Deadline: 3/25 5:00 PM. Please turn in your application form to office (#703). Scholarship will be awarded at the End-of-Year Ceremony on 5/20. Please direct your question to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING



朗誦比賽 Poetry Recital Contest

朗誦比賽辦法,請點此處。請注意!! 本次比賽有新的規則,請參賽者仔細閱讀。
朗誦比賽報名網址: https://goo.gl/forms/PkjI6zLmR8KQXk1W2
普通組詩詞: 繁體注音版繁體拼音版简体拼音版
如有任何疑問,請聯繫龐穎波女士: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

Poetry Recital Contest Rules, please click here. There are couple new rules this year, please read carefully.
Contest Registration Link: https://goo.gl/forms/PkjI6zLmR8KQXk1W2
Poems for Regular Groups: Traditional Zhuyin version, Traditional PinYin version, Simplified PinYin version
Bilingual Group Poems, please click here.
Please direct your question(s) to Ms. YingPo at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING


家長服務 Volunteer Signup

Parents can go to Volunteer Sign Up to sign up for volunteer


開學説明會 Back to School Meeting


希望幫您的小孩註冊本校嗎? 或有任何註冊相關問題嗎?
請填寫下面表格,學校註冊人員將會於四個工作天內 (星期六、日除外)與您聯繫。

Interested in enrolling your child(ren) in North County Chinese School?
Please fill out the inquiry form below and someone from our school will contact you in 4-5 business days (exclude Saturday & Sundays).

新生報名諮詢登記表 New Student Registration Inquiry Form


中文學校學分班大爆滿 創新高 News About NCCS Credit Class is FULL


Credit Class Orientation

If you missed the Credit Class Orientation last Sat, you can view the presentation slides HERE



SDCCA Learning Center is offering various programs for the youth and adults, such as Chinese summer program, computer camp, SAT Chines subject test preparation, ‘Speech, Drama and More…” program, Chinese calligraphy, brush painting, line dance, yoga and seminars etc. Please visit Chinese school office or Learning Center web page for detail information or email JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING to get your question answered.












家長服務 Volunteer Sign Up

Parents can sign up volunteer spot using this LINK


The San Diego Chinese Cultural Association North County Chinese School is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization in which North County Chinese School is under. Your donation should qualify for a tax deduction and your tax advisor can verify the benefit. We are most appreciative of your support in helping us to prompt learning of the Chinese Language, culture, customs, arts, history and literature.

Donation Form

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